Ann began speaking to groups about technology and management while in graduate school. As an owner of a sole-proprietorship, a partner in a General Partnership, and later the CEO of a small start-up, she was engaged in consulting with various organizations to improve and expand their electronic footprint. Her current endeavors include inroads toward her PhD and, particularly, advocating for LGBTQ youth through word and action.

Speaking Engagements have included:

Previous Events
Recipes for Application Development
Girls and women stepping out of their traditional roles and changing tomorrow with technology by taking everyday cooking concepts into the world of application development.
Planned Events
Details, Details, Details… Working with Application Developers
An Application developer will help you hack the process of implementing applications to service your customers.
You will:
* Gain a better understanding of how application developers think.
* Learn how to improve customer satisfaction with clear development specifications.
Why Mobile?
Encouraging government to better serve their diverse community equally by considering that more customers of government services, particularly in rural areas, are more likely to have smart phones than to have direct access to the internet and a computer at home.
Future Events
Faith & Sexuality: Our Multi-faceted Identities
Regardless of the flavor of our faith, the strength of our convictions, and how well we tow the line, it is often a difficult thing to balance the various pieces of of our multi-faceted identities. Hope is present daily. Hope exists in our authenticity and being OK with whoever we are.
Success from Authenticity: You are most successful when you are true to you.
LGBT Business is a $3Trillion industry. That means that the diversity and inclusion of LGBT workers as authentically them is a way to add to their success and businesses’ bottom lines. How much more can we achieve if workers are authentic and not spending so much energy making sure everyone around us is comfortable with who we are dating?
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