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Design Patterns – Object Oriented Design

Domain-driven Design: A Step by Step Guide

Domain-driven Design Quickly

Domain-driven Design and a discussion of where code belongs (video)

Behavior-driven Development Combined with Domain-driven Design

Paradigm Shifting: Rethinking ASP.NET MVC

Domain-driven Design by Eric Evans (Book)

Onion Architecture
What Are the Typical Layers in an Onion Architecture?
Peeling Back the Onion Architecture
Onion Architecture with ASP.NET MVC
Laying it Out Onion Architecture

Anybody Can Learn
Scratch (MIT)

Six Revisions – 10 Web-based Sandbox Tools

Web Hosting Reviews List – 10 Free Online Sandbox Tools for Code Testing

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About Ann Townsend

Ann is a published author, speaker, and LGBTQ youth advocate; and has been a professional web application developer since 1997. She holds a medical A.S.; a B.S. in Management with an Emphasis on Computer Science, Minor in Psychology; and a M.S., MBA with an Emphasis on Management of Information Systems. She is the recipient of multiple awards of recognition and is currently pursuing her PhD in Media Psychology. She is currently a senior lead application developer in municipal government and the CTO of SSCodeWorks, LLC, developing applications for government synergy and geo-services apps for serious and recreational location-based mineral propecting. Prior to working for a municipal government agency, she was the majority owner of two small businesses, including Gold Core Networks (GCN), a general partnership. Until 2013, GCN provided internet web hosting and web application development, servicing the Central Valley and multiple U.S. corporations. GCN contracts included a two year contract with the fourth largest school district in California, assisting in the implementation and augmentation of their accounting web application. She was also CEO and chief developer for Midas Accounting Packages, Inc., a niche-market, diverse, ahead-of-its-time tech start up with the primary product of an adaptable, multi-industry accounting web application. In 2007, Ann was hired by a municipal government agency as one of two implementation and 24/7 support personnel for its accounting web application and developer of multiple interfaces between disparate financial applications and systems across 13 departments. Since 2012, Ann has been the lead custom mobile and web application developer. With her current employer, she has developed and/or maintains 13 custom, in-production mobile and web applications, including an application to digitize, collect, track, and report on property base-year values; and a budget application to digitize, collect, track, and transparently report, enumerate, and document budgeted IT charges for all departments. A recent project was for human resources from position request by a department through employee separation.